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Social Fundraising

Thank you, we have already raised £262.41!

A proportion of everything you purchase at freshindulgence.com will go towards making our world a better place. We do this by picking four individual projects per year that we as a community wish to support. In order to qualify for funding, projects must have an attainable goal that we can really make a difference to; the project must be environmentally sustainable; the project must be linked with fair trade, animal welfare, environmental conservation, or must empower and improve the lives of women.

If you know of a project which fits these criteria, which you would like to see supported at freshindulgence.com, please let us know!



The Project:

We are pleased to announce that we are now supporting the Thai Animal Santuary. Founded by Gemma Ashford who lives in Bromley, Kent, this santuary rescues street dogs in Thailand. Her santuary undertakes working including:

 Neuturing of street dogs

 Veterinary care for animals in need

 Vaccinations of street dogs

 Repatriation of street dogs to new homes in the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.


A percentage of all sales through freshindulgence.com will be donated to the santuary, in its bid to raise £100,000 for a new santuary and clinic. The current building is situated on spare land from a nearby school; however, the school now needs their land back, and building work has already begun which is causing skin irritation to the dogs housed there. The number of rescue dogs also continues to grow, and there's not enough space for them to be housed in appropriately sized packs. A new, larger site will house more animals and save the lives of dogs which are needlessly dying due to lack of access to a veterinarian.