Whether you're a long haul jet-setter or a short haul day tripper you will know how flying can wreak havoc on your skin. We enter the airplane with our skin feeling and looking glamorous and end our flight with dry, flaky and dreary skin. It's not the ideal way to begin any trip. Don't worry though, we have a solution. Check out our top tips to ensure your skin looks flawless from start to finish of your flight. 

1. Preparation is key

As with most things in life, preparation makes everything smooth sailing. Your skin preparation for a flight should begin the night before you fly. Apply natural face creams with added moisturiser the night before you travel. You could even try a vegan face cream to keep your skin routine cruelty free. Apply some more just before you fly too as this should help protect your skin and keep it hydrated against all the elements. 

2. Try to avoid cleansers

Cleansers, unfortunately, dry out our skin quite quickly, so they aren't your best friend when it comes to flying. You've already got to deal with the altitude and air conditioning drying out your skin, so don't make it more difficult for yourself. However, if it's essential that you do need to use a cleanser then try a natural cleanser for your face that's better for your skin. 

3. Don't wear makeup for the duration of the flight

Unfortunately, the chances of your makeup staying flawless during a flight are slim, so it's best to avoid it altogether. Bright lipsticks will make your lips look dry and chapped and the foundation can become faded or patchy. If you need to enter your new destination with some makeup on your face, then simply apply some just before you land or once you've got through customs. You can still arrive looking fabulous! 

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