Halloween is a brilliant time of year. It's an excuse to celebrate and dress up as your favourite scary characters. To add a little extra spook to your costume, why not try out one of these fabulous Halloween nail trend ideas? The great thing about these trends is that they look great, but they're also cruelty-free! 

1. Killer knives

Whether you're dressing up as a butcher killer or a scary twist on a Disney character, these nails are the perfect addition to your costume. It's also a simple design so won't require a complicated application. All you need is a set of clear falsies and on each nail, paint on a "knife" in silver and back - simple! 

2. Ghosts

Ghosts are the classic spook and costume of Halloween and these nails will give the edge to any outfit. Begin with a clear base on your nails, then add in a ghost shape, leaving the half moon of your nail empty. Next, you can add the eyes and mouth details in black and finish it off with a topcoat to keep it all sealed. It will look spooktacular. 

3. Blood splatter nails

Blood splatter nails are super simple and they’re perfect for Halloween. While they are easy to create, they can get a little messy, so you may need to do a spot of cleaning after application. Essentially it's just a case of painting your nails white then splattering red nail polish all over them - you can do this via blowing through a straw. These are a great way of adding a subtle scare factor to your costume. 

4. Dotted halloween nails

If you're struggling to decide how "scary" you want to be, then dotted nails are perfect. They're easy to achieve and simply require you painting your nails in a base coat then adding in polka dots. You should use Halloween themed colours such as black, orange and white to perfect the look. It's the perfect combination for a pumpkin costume!

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