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The Earlex TS50 Spray Tanning Machine

The tanning community is all abuzz with talk of the Earlex TS50.

The only real difference between the new TS50 and the HV5008 is the brand new Helia Gun. Specifically designed for tanning, it features an easy-to-use flow control dial (no more fiddling around with pins) and simple pattern adjuster. It also looks a lot sexier and modern than the HV5008 gun it replaces. The tanning machine itself is no different from the HV5008 and features the same industry-leading turbine, the quality and reliability of which has made this machine the industry's first choice in HVLP tanning. Click here to order yours now!


• Lightweight taper fan motor.

• Onboard hose & cable storage.

• Bespoke designed Helia gun.

• Front loading stainless steel tip.

• 0.6mm stainless steel needle optimised for tanning use.

• Suitable for salon use and tanning beauty professionals.


• Lightweight

• Bespoke Gun

• Ergonomic handle grip

• Long trigger

• UK manufactured

• Portable


• 450W motor

• 250ml solution capacity

• 4M hose

• Stainless steel needle

• 0.6mm needle size

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